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professional actress
EOC Management / 0161 724 4880

emily swain reels

my ‘middle-aged monologue mash up’ teaser reel. All full 8 monologues - a mix of naturalistic and character pieces for screen and theatre are available to see on You Tube

my main acting reel 2017

film links

Family Portrait

Family Portrait

Margaret Sinclair

Margaret Sinclair: An Ordinary Girl

The rayon Queen

The Rayon Queen




Niko, Holga, Rebel

Fitzl by Fred Dinenage

Fritzl by Fred Dinenage

Family Portrait



voice reels &
sound clips

megamix - ads & documentary  mp3

megamix - drama & narrative  mp3

ad - Forehead  mp3

ad - Heinz  mp3

ad - Nescafe  mp3

ad - NSPCC  mp3

doc - French  mp3

docu - Liberty at Christmas  mp3

drama - in flame  mp3

drama - not safe for work  mp3

drama - people places & things  mp3

narrative - face  mp3

narrative - the velveteen rabbit  mp3

narrative - vanity fair  mp3

poem - offering  mp3

poem - still i rise  mp3

raw singing clip  mp3

interview - Salford city radio  mp3