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let me introduce myself...

Hello, I’m a professional actress. I work in and enjoy all areas of the industry – stage, screen, radio and voice over; I sing too.

I play across a broad casting range, upstairs/downstairs and trained at an accredited UK drama school. Holding high professional values and working with integrity; crucially, I can be trusted to deliver on the job I’ve been brought on board to do.

For all my acting reels (main and bonus) and full audio clips click here.

There are links below to my all my online profiles including Spotlight and IMDb and more.

I love acting and come from a professional acting family; so, inevitably, it’s played a pivotal role of its own in my creative journey. If you're interested to know more, and have time to read my back story, it's told pictorially in my story tab.

I hope you enjoy my site.

Voice reel demo megamix
drama & narrative   mp3

Voice reel demo megamix
ads & documentary   mp3

Emily Swain you tube link

My acting showreel... please visit my ‘reels’ page to see my additional reel, links to You Tube and hear my full voice clips