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Hello, I am what I call a ‘cradle creative’. I say this because I grew up and was ‘fed’ by the industry; with my professional actor parents operating an artistic heartbeat at the centre of our family life. Mum and Dad, seasoned actors Cherry Morris and Mike Murray, met at the Royal Shakespeare Company in the 1960s. The rest they say is history…..

I had a formative education mainly in the UK, Ireland (Connemara) and France (Paris) which taught me independence from early years. We lived away a lot, particularly in The Balearics, Spain. Travel commenced early. From starting out as a growing bouncing bump in my mum’s tum in Queensland, Australia - to hitch hiking, aged 4, back from Ibiza to UK ‘en famille’.

I am a returning actor since summer 2013. In my sabbatical time I fortunately went on some amazing adventures, worked at other wonderful things, and met extraordinary people.

All these experiences have ‘fuel-injected’ my creative and observational life, making acting the most incredible ‘live wire’ of a vocation as we faithfully seek to play-out the lives of ‘others’.

Other professional alternative career highlights include: nursing and caring, 3 years working in human rights and 7 years as an editor/journalist and communications manager in the defence industry. I am a French speaker having lived much in France, and am a lover of all things French.

My Story

my story

Defence Industry Days

So, it’s like this...

Mum and Dad

Mum & dad (Charley’s Aunt)

Defending Human Rights

Defending human rights & lobbying

Defence Industry Days

Defence industry days as an editor
& communications manager

Le Joli Pre

Le joli pre - my French sanctuary

Nursing and Caring

Nursing & caring

Defence Industry Days

some of
my firsts

First head shot

1st head shot aged 3

First step ball change

1st step ball change aged 3

First heroine

1st heroine aged 4

First villian

1st villain aged 6

First affair with france

1st affair with La France -
living in Paris aged 19

First time playing a man

1st time playing a man, Oxford
aged 20 (Another Country)

First television appearance

1st television appearance
aged 22

First magazine

1st magazine front covers
as an editor

First feature film

1st feature film with
Michael Caine in Shiner

some of
my aims...

Some of my aims
Be an observer

Be an observer more & enjoy
the view

A wonderful life

Have a wondering life

Land your craft

Land your craft & remain

Blend into the landscape

Not to blend into the landscape

Take your bat

Take your bat & keep focused

Travel and venture

Travel & venture forth

what I’ve

What I have learned
Dad inspired me

Dad inspired me to have vision &
seize the day

Dad showed me how

Dad showed me how to broaden
my horizons & outlook

Dad taught me

Dad taught me to think out of
the box

Get into panto

Get in a panto mood when life
leaves you low

Great partners

Great partners can really help
sail your ship

Move with style

Move with style & grace

Mum inspired me

Mum inspired me to keep calm &
retain the mystery

Mum said trust

Mum said trust, try not to worry &
laugh - alot

Mum taught me

Mum taught me – as an actor –
to fully commit to the moment

Performing made my granny

Performing made my granny
Sarah happy

Teenage dramatics

Teenage dramatic antics should
always be cherished

Throwing the stars

The importance of throwing my
stars in the Irish sky aged 17

Touring and gigs

Touring & digs should be made
fun (Austria)


Smartie, my biggest fan

well there
you have it

More snaps?
Please pop over to
my galleries for
more photos

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