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New Worlds


I’m back from a great working trip to the Antipodes and 8 months solid work since Sept 15. So a returning actress I still am but this time more returned to homebase rather than at the starting line of a reprised career.


I haven’t stopped looking for clues to help me along my way and every little tip is something to treasure to keep the work life/balance on track. I say that because as me, you, any jobbing actor knows while ‘re-launching’ yourself and availability anew at the creative decision-makers, employers and chasing any tit-bit or whisper of a job or opportunity; it NEVER feels like you are doing enough. Or you ARE enough or you can POSITION yourself enough. Or there are HOURS enough …..and of course there’s just SO many of us. This applies to both sides by the way.

Moaning is such a total waste of energy and self-indulgent silliness. Plus I do actually have an audition tomorrow…


More nice edifying Down Under-gained reflections to still munch on…

Dare to kick your shoes off and run on the evening dewed-up grass to work ... maybe you will play with more spring in your step


Know when to toss your surfboard into your car and give the rest of the day a miss...


Stepping into the way of a beautiful natural site is not always a good idea when reaching for what we want – it may spoil the view. Approach with care.



It’s also the last day of May and I have been on a fair few ships, crafts or boats of different kinds the last 2 months. I feel I am now a ship too and I have set my course.

‘Setting the Course’ means opening the sail up to catch the wind, propelling the ship and moving forward in whatever journey you're setting out on. For me – it’s off to see what jobs surface next.

Sky Yoga at Sydney Westfield Tower



I love it that was ship that transported the first English Separatists, known today as the Pilgrims, from Plymouth to the New World in 1620 was called The Mayflower.

Here’s some of my own Mayflowers' from April and May 2016.


The Whitsundays


Great Barrier Reef Marine Park


The Tasman Sea


More Whitsundays


Sydney mangroves


Clovelly Beach


Lavender Bay, Sydney


Milford Sound



I’m a pilgrim actor and I love it that each time we need to find that next job – it can always be the New World again.

How exciting is that?


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